NHS North and West Reading Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is a statutory health body.

We are responsible for the planning and buying of local NHS care and services to meet the needs of the local community.

Working as a clinical commissioning group (CCG) we deliver high quality care, using the most appropriate methods and cost effective resources, to improve healthcare provision for the people of Reading and reduce disparities in health and social care. By using effective clinical decision-making we can make a real impact on the health, wellbeing and life expectancy of our patients.

The CCG is made up from a partnership of these GP practices. A representative from each of these practices makes up the CCG's Council of Members where all the practices come together to participate in the work of the CCG.

The Council delegates to the Governing Body the power to develop the strategic direction of the CCG and to conduct the overall management of the CCG. Further information about who sits on the CCG's Governing Body is available here.


How we work with neighbouring CCGs

We have agreed to work in a federated arrangement with the three other CCGs across the Berkshire West area (including South Reading, Newbury and District and Wokingham CCGs). This means that all four CCGs collaborate on shared areas of commissioning, ensuring they are efficient and effective.

The CCGs work together on four programmes: Urgent Care, Long Term Conditions, Planned Care and Joint Commissioning, these are the four areas covering clinical change projects and other commissioning priorities. The programmes are led by:

  • Planned Care, Newbury & District CCG
  • Urgent Care, North and West Reading CCG
  • Long Term Conditions, South Reading CCG
  • Joint Commissioning (includes children and mental health), Wokingham CCG

The Federation has implemented a robust executive management structure, provided across all four CCGs.

Reading Borough Council

Health and Wellbeing Board
Reading Borough Council's Health and Wellbeing Board enables the Council, CCG and other organisations to work in partnership to develop joint health and wellbeing strategies, which set the local framework for commissioning health care, social care and public health. All CCGs and local authorities come together in a Berkshire Partnership Board. In each local authority area there is an Integrated Partnership Committee made up of local authority and the CCG to promote joined-up health and social care services.

Reading Borough Council Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA)
The JSNA uses data and evidence from the current health and wellbeing in Reading, to highlight the health needs of the whole community. It shows how needs might vary for different age groups and identifies health differences in disadvantaged or vulnerable groups.The JSNA is a key source of information which is used by the Health and Wellbeing Board to agree the priorities that will inform the Health and Wellbeing Strategy. The JSNA allows local councils to provide information and data on the current picture of health and wellbeing. The JSNA also provides an evidence base to help decision makers, commissioners and other interested groups to find useful and relevant information about the health and wellbeing of Reading residents. Both NHS and local authority commissioners use the JSNA and JHWSs to decide what services people need and to develop commissioning plans so these needs are met.


We work with many partner organisations to deliver healthcare together, including:


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