Who's who in my CCG?

You can download the CCG's Accountability and Senior Responsible Officers here


The Governing Body makes sure that the North and West Reading Clinical Commissioning Group runs efficiently, effectively, economically and with good governance. 

It exists to serve patients, give confidence to the public, support clinicians and is accountable to NHS England.

The Governing Body Register of Interests is refreshed on a quarterly basis for review by the Joint Audit Committee and publication on the website. In accordance with NHS England Statutory Guidance on Managing Conflicts of Interest for CCGs, we also maintain a Register of Interests for Council of Practice Members and a Register of Interests for Employees. These are available from the CCG on request.


Maureen McCartney

Operational Director

Cathy Winfield

Chief Officer, Berkshire West CCGs

Raju Reddy

Secondary Care Consultant

Sam Burrows

Director of Strategy

Dr Anil Chauhan

Clinical Lead

Dr Rupert Woolley

Clinical Lead

Allwin Mercer

Clinical Lead

Wendy Bower

CCG Vice Chair and Patient and Public Engagement Lay Member

Leslie Jones

Lay Member Governance

Debbie Simmons

Nurse Director

Dr Barbara Barrie

Clinical Lead

Gabrielle Alford

Director of Joint Commissioning

Lisa Trimble

Practice Manager

Acting Chief Financial Officer

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