Beat the Street Reading - 15 April to 27 May 2016.   

The challenge in 2016 was to cover 300,000 miles, which is the distance to space, within seven weeks.

Further details about the 2016 programme are available here: https://reading.beatthestreet.me

Beat the Street is a walking and cycling competition designed to encourage people to increase their levels of physical activity, with the aim of developing healthy lifestyle changes that last a lifetime. It's about civic pride, spending time with family and making exercise a daily habit. The scheme is funded by our CCG, South Reading CCG and Reading Borough Council's Public Health Team.

The CCG commissions Beat the Street to increase activity levels and to encourage people to make exercise a part of a normal day. Did you know, for example, that an inactive person spends 37% more days in hospital and visits their doctor 5.5% more often than an active person. Watch this short clip of Dr Rupert Woolley, lead GP for the project, explain the health benefits of regular exercise.

The health benefits of the programme are clear. Walking just half an hour a day, five-days-a-week has major health benefits and can reduce the risk of developing certain illnesses including:

  • heart disease
  • diabetes
  • cancers
  • dementia
  • depression
  • anxiety

Beat the Street came to the Reading area in 2015 too. 24,000 people took part, covering 306,640 miles between 29 April and 24 June.

In 2014, 15,074 local people racked up almost a quarter of a million miles – which is more than the distance between the Earth and the moon. At the start of the 2014 competition 35% of adult participants met the Department of Health guideline for physical activity of 150 minutes a week. At the end of the competition this increased to 45% and was maintained at 53% three months after Beat the Street ended. To read the summary report into the 2014 scheme, here.

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