Berkshire West Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) have launched the DXS Clinical Information Tool to GP practices across the Berkshire West region.

DXS Best Pathway is a clinical decision support tool that is integrated with GP systems. DXS displays local clinical pathways, referral criteria, referral forms and patient leaflets at the point of care.

The tool also includes a library of national guidance (such as NICE and SIGN guidance) and patient leaflets such as patient.co.uk leaflets.


  • GPs and other referrers spend less time searching for guidelines and pathway documentation
  • Less referral administration is needed outside of consultations
  • Reduced effort and cost required to keep local reference libraries
  • Rapid deployment of new and revised clinical guidance
  • Better availability of patient information, guidance and education materials
  • Improved compliance with commissioning intentions and guidelines.

In this short film Dr Jonathan Millar - lead clinician for DXS Best Pathway - introduces the benefits of the system for GPs, patients, and secondary and tertiary care providers.

You can also view a presention via slideshare here.

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